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- Lee Il-Hyun
82 - 70 - 77008686

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Differences in Thoughts Cause Changes
KSI has been committed to one goal for the last 30 years. The company is changing its thoughts in order to make the world beautiful while using safe roads.

KSI Manufactures Top Quality Products, which are Environmentally Friendly and Safe
Just as metals are hardened by being heated in a furnace and then beaten , the company is committed to one thing and is doing its best with its artisan spirit  and professionalism to make environmentally-friendly and safe products.

KSI has exerted continuous efforts to achieve its goals of DESIGN, CREATIVITY, SAFETY, and ENVIRONMENT.  All the employees of KSI will fulfill customer values without stagnating and display the capabilities of the company  by keeping pace with changes in this global era. The employees will enable KSI to be a manufacturer specializing  in transportation safety facilities by making excellent, environmentally-friendly products. 


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Design Fence

Reinforced Mesh Fence

Sound Barrier

KSI Solar Bus Shelter

Solar LED Street Light 40W

Safety Roller Cushion

Safety Roller